‘Between our words I will trace your presence’, for Borealis Festival’s “Radio Space”, March 1st to 31st

Andy Lock / Between Our Words I will Trace Your Presence

The exchanges between the two voices who perform ‘Between our words I will trace your presence’ are punctuated throughout by audible pauses and hesitations; amplified and intensified by the intimacy of radio-listening, but as the work’s two protagonists’ narratives weave around one-another – never quite meeting, gaps and silences of other kinds begin to emerge.

Andy Lock’s work as an artist and artistic researcher makes it clear that he has been preoccupied for a long time with identifying, creating, inhabiting and sharing intervals and gaps of different kinds, but always with the ambition of bringing those who participate in his works into contact with whatever presences or phenomena may be lurking, overlooked, repressed, disavowed or denied within the gaps with which he works.

Andy’s latest work continues this pattern. In staging ‘Between Our Words I will Trace Your Presence’, for radio, Andy has created a work which draws on his own personal history as the source-material for exploring how the gaps and the silences between us and those seemingly closest to us, come to define our most intimate relationships, and shape our being.

‘Between Our Words…’ is also a meditation on the broader significance of gaps, pauses and silences in literature, art and our everyday lives and Andy’s writing draws on the works of other authors, filmmakers, artists and composers, whose own work speaks about the significance of pauses and “silences” as sites of undisclosed or repressed presence.

‘Between Our Words I will Trace Your Presence’ was written and adapted for radio by Andy Lock. It was recorded with a live audience, at KODE 2, in Bergen, in February 2020. The performance features Idun Vik and Andy Lock. Idun Vik is an actor based in Bergen. Andy Lock is an artist and artistic researcher, based in Bergen and the UK.

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